Ashwin foundation

The Ashwin Foundation is a groundbreaking association of elemental purposes that is extremely vital in the modern day society. The primary objectives of the Foundation are rather different compared to any other as Ashwin is keen on transforming the society into a better self. The Foundation mainly focuses on:

  • Eye Donation

    Ashwin believes that nothing is more beautiful in this world than the gift of sight. He made a difference by pledging his eyes and he hopes to encourage others to take the same route as well. 

  • Blood Donation

    The need for blood is constant and so is the need for donations. Blood donation is one the significant contribution a person can make to the society. This initiative was started with an intention to touch lives and spread the right word.

  • Road Safety

    An initiative undertaken to foster the right thinking among the citizens of the country with regard to rules and safety. In the words of Ashwin “Rules are not just for others to follow but for us too”

  • 100% Election Turnout

    Election Turnout proves the strength of the country and it is high time for our country to show our strength. With a government elected by its citizens that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to homeland security, voting is an important right in our society.