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The Entrepreneur

Ashwin’s vision for cricket is not limited to his on field exploits; he works tirelessly towards passing his passion for cricket on to the next generation. It is as a result of this that he started the Gen-Next Cricket Institute, an entrepreneurial foray into the world of professional cricket coaching and instruction. With Ravichandran Ashwin as its Chief Mentor, the institute prides itself in producing high quality cricketers. It runs the following programs:

  • Gen-Next’s High Performance

    Ashwin’s brain child, a high-octane, intensive everyday program offering personalised coaching, that involves training at the gym in the mornings and on ground training and skill development in the evenings.

  • Vision 2020

    A personalized program designed exclusively by R. Ashwin to identify superstars for the future.

  • Weekend Coaching Program

    Designed for kids, who are beginners and for adults, who don’t have the time to commit to cricket full time.